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Search \ Case \ Persons Tab

In the Case View Section, under the Persons tab, you will see Persons associated with the particular case you have brought up if there are any.
From here you can Add (another) Person to this Case by clicking Add Person (the Add Person screen will then come up and be populated with the Case Number).

Or, from the Actions menu, you can Remove Selected Person(s) from this Case.

If you choose to remove someone, a pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to do this. If you're sure, click Remove From Case.

From the Actions menu, you can Add the Selected Person(s) to a Task, or Add a Note to Selected People.
If you want to Add a Note to Selected People, enter the Text and Category and click Ok when finished.

You may also Change Person Type or Case Note.
If you choose to Change Person Type or Case Note, a pop-up will appear where you can choose the Person Type and also enter a Note.

From the Actions box, an Org Admin may perform an Expungement.

NOTE: Only an Org Admin may perform an Expungement. Once done, this process is NOT reversible and information will be unable to be retrieved!
Exercise Extreme Caution!

You will be asked for a Court Order #, Court Date, and Judge.
You may enter N/A for the Court Order #, and Judge, but you will have to enter a Court Date.
You may wish to choose the current date for that.

You will then be presented with a pop-up letting you know this action is not reversible.
If you are completely sure you want to do this, click Ok, and that Person's information will be Expunged.

Once an individual's data has been Expunged any First Name, Last Name, Alias data, etc. is irretrievable.

Upon clicking the Export Box, you may Export your Person list to a .csv or Excel file.
To export to .csv, click Selected - CSV or All - CSV.
To export to Excel, click Selected - Excel, or All - Excel.

If you would like to customize your People tab view, click the Menu Customization \ Options field and check/uncheck the Columns.
This will allow you to personalize your view. Once removed, you can always 'put back' line column headers if you deem it necessary.
You may also click and 'drag' Person column headers around.

By clicking the Custom Data (Forms) box, you may choose to display any Person Custom Data (Form) fields you have created by clicking the field.
A checkmark will then appear in that field if it has been selected.
To see the field you selected to be displayed, you may have to scroll to the righthand side of the screen, depending on your screen size.