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Cases found from a Search

After you’ve run a Search on a Case, a list of Cases will appear. Click on any box at the top of the list you would like to sort by.
Simply click Case Officer for example and the list will be sorted by that. Click Case Officer again, and the list will be sorted in reverse order.
You may also switch header columns. For example, if you want the Active column to be last, drag Active to the last column spot and release the mouse. Active is now the last column.

To view an individual Case, click the View box next to the Case you’re interested in looking at to bring up that particular Case (Number) and information. Otherwise, highlight the Case(s) you’re interested in by clicking anywhere in their horizontal Case row and you may then choose from the Actions, Reports, Export or Menu Customization menus.

In the Actions menu, you can select Cases you're interested in and then link those to a Task by clicking Add to Task.
You may also choose to do a Mass Update on Cases. If the (original) Case Officer leaves your Agency for example, you may wish to reassign that person's Cases to someone else.
Finally, you can Add a Note to Selected Cases you've chosen, adding that same Note to multiple Cases.

If you would like to run a Report or Print a Label, on the Case you just brought up, click the Reports box to bring up a list of Reports or Labels you can choose from.
If your Case is active and you print a Label, SAFE will print all Items associated with that Case.

Clicking the Export box will allow you to export all your Cases, or Cases you Select to either a .csv (comma separated value) file, or directly to a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx).

Clicking on Menu Customization will allow you to customize your own Personal View.

Under Views, if you click Duplicate Selected, it will duplicate the page you're currently viewing. Give the 'new view' a required Name. You may then customize it however you wish.

To customize your current view, simply hover over the Options field and check/uncheck the options relating to Column Headers you wish to turn on/off.

If you have created Custom Data (Forms) with Custom Fields and attached them to Cases, you may view those Fields as Column Headers by hovering over Custom Data (Forms) and check/uncheck the options relating to Column Headers you wish to turn on/off. If you don’t want a column displayed, click on its name and it will be removed (not permanently) from the list. It will also be shown with an 'x' next to it.

If you are experiencing issues with Case Number data being imported incorrectly, please see the following link:

.csv Import File Instructions