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Authenticating / Forgot Password? / Password RESET

This is the initial email you will be sent before logging into the software for the first time.

Once you receive this email:
1. Click the option to Confirm your email address.
2. Login with the Username and Password provided right below the confirmation.

This is the screen that will be shown after you verify your email address.

If the verification link will not work, it could be the result of the system you're using, modifying or stripping out the verification link. This is something that will need to be addressed with your IT Department, for them to determine how to enable the link for you. Tracker is unable to give a fix for this issue because every client's system is different.

If you change your email address for any reason in the software, this will be the confirmation email.

If you entered an incorrect name or password, the software will let you know that your “username or password is incorrect”. If you have forgotten or wish to Reset your Password, CLICK THE WORDS “Forgot Password?". Selecting this option will send you to the Password Reset page. After entering your email address, confirming to the system you're not a robot, and clicking the “Reset Password” box, an email with directions will be sent to you to reset your password.

After entering your Email Address, and confirming to the system you're not a robot, this screen will be shown.

Once you receive the Password Change Request email, click the words “reset password” and you will be taken to the Password Reset page.

At the Password Reset page, the software requires each user to have a unique username and password that must be entered each time a user logs on. Password strength parameters are enforced by the application and include: Password lengths of 10-128 characters, passwords cannot contain 2 identical characters in a row, must contain at least 3 character types out of 4 (upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters), and passwords cannot be “reused” for one year. In addition, accounts are locked after 5 failed login attempts for a duration of 1 minute or until they’re unlocked by an administrator.

Failed Login example:

Upon successful new password entry and verification, you will be taken to a screen that says as much and you will then be able to log into the software.