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Logging into the software (Shared Archive For Evidence)

Logging into the software is as simple as opening your browser of choice (we suggest using Google Chrome) and typing in your site link.
Your network or organization administrator can provide this link. If this link is entered correctly, you will see a login page like the screen below.
Enter your Email and Password to log into the system.
If you see anything other than this login screen, you will need to contact your system administrator for assistance.

United States:

Asia Pacific:

ALL Support for Internet Explorer has ended. Only Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers are now supported due to security!

When trying to log into SAFE using an unsupported browser, the user will see the following message:

Can the software store my Password?

Saving Names and Passwords is NOT a feature of the software for obvious security reasons.
Instead, this is a function of the web browser you are using.
When any web browser asks if you would like to save your Name and Password, select No.
If you have inadvertently saved your Name and Password, tell your Administrator immediately.
They can delete the saved Name and Password and clear the web browser’s cache.