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Tools \ Data Export

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At Tracker Products, we believe your Data is your Data, and you should be able to download a copy of it whenever you want if you are an Org Admin.

To do that, from the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the Tools icon (it looks like a wrench), then from the menu select Data Export.
You are now on the Data Export screen.
From here, you can export Cases, Items, People, Notes, Media, Tasks, Disposals, Check Ins, Check Outs, Moves, and Transfers.

Click in the Data Type field to choose what data you would like to Export

Next, click in the Export Type field to choose what format you would like your data to be exported in.
When done, click Export.

You will then be taken to the Export Jobs page where your job will be queued and ready to run.
When Complete, click the word Download in the Download Link column to download a copy of the file.