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Version 93 Released on 3/22/2021


  • #10191 ⁃ You are now able to complete Transactions from the Items list.
    Simply pull up your Item and click the orange Transactions button.

  • #9847 ⁃ When entering a Case or Item, if Location Services are turned off on your device,
    a User-friendly message will appear asking the User to turn on Location Services in the device settings.
    This will manifest itself if, for example, a User is entering an Offense or Recovery Location.

  • #9154 ⁃ Implemented Media for People

Bug Fixes

  • #10274 ⁃ Inconsistency of visible and required fields on web and mobile apps
  • #10192 ⁃ Added translations to Item/Case Add pages
  • #9978 ⁃ Disabled Person Types are still shown when Adding a Person
  • #9977 ⁃ 2-letter State abbreviation in the state dropdown list for Person Address is not shown
  • #9976 ⁃ Expected Return Date is shown even after disabling it in Org Settings
  • #9846 ⁃ Unhandled error appears when there is no internet connection
  • #9826 ⁃ Missing message when Editing an Item with no access to its Storage Location
  • #9540 ⁃ Selected Offices/Active in Search criteria are not reset to default when Clean up the Case Search

DEV Requests/Updates

  • #10441 ⁃ Design Change - Flip icon
  • #10278 ⁃ Custom Forms order