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v8.91.005 Hot Fix (Patch)

On Thursday January 28, 2021 we applied a system hot fix, version 8.91.005. It is important that all users of the system make sure they are running version 8.91.005.

Are you updated?

If you are unsure that you are running this version, log into the software and look in the very bottom right corner of the screen. If you are not on version 8.91.005 the system will prompt you to update. If for whatever reason you can't get the update to apply, you can hard reset the site cache following these instructions.


In version 8.91.004, applied January 15, 2021, we found that there were issues with many of the date / time fields in the system. The problem only applied to date / time fields where the user either manually entered data OR used the date / time picker menu. For system fields that automatically applied values there were no issues (like chain of custody date / time stamp). Example: Case Offense Date, Person DOB, Item Recovery Date, etc.

  • BUG - #10506 - When entering a Person's Date of Birth manually (using date picker menu would have worked), the Date of Birth stored value is incorrect. Example: When I enter 7/4/1973 it actually saves at 7/4/19. For whatever reason it changes the last two digits. So now it’s saved as 7/4/73.

  • BUG #10507 - When selecting the am / pm option in the date picker, it does not save with the selected am / pm value. It will save the default value when changing to the opposite value.

  • BUG #10515 - Dates getting changed upon entry & not saving correctly. Entered date was changed upon entry different date time formatting. Example: date time formatting was medium, but entered value had short formatting.


We are still working to determine what legacy data might be affected and how it can be fixed. We will send out another email in the coming days with more details.