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Version 88, Released on October 22, 2020


  • #7192 ⁃ Uploaded Media via a Transaction is now shown under the Media Tab
    On the Media Tab:
    The first circle shows Media attached at the Case Level
    The second circle shows Media attached at the Item Level
    The third circle shows Media attached during some type of Transaction, such as a Check Out or Disposal.

  • #7357 ⁃ When creating a Task from the Items page, the Case # will auto-generate in the title of the Task - Details

  • #8071 ⁃ Disable "Expected Return Date" from the Transaction Box - Details
    Expected Return Date not shown when Checking an Item Out unless chosen in Settings \ Organization \ Field Settings by an Administrator (Org Admin).

  • #8613 ⁃ Add option to run a Random Audit based on a Storage Location.
    You may now choose a Storage Location to run a Random Audit against.

  • #9082 ⁃ Added an option to edit Case People Notes - Details

  • #9373 ⁃ Title row frozen when scrolling down pages
    If more Items appear than are shown on the screen, when you scroll down through the Items, the Header Title Row will 'freeze'.

  • #9609 ⁃ Deactivate Multiple Users at one time in User Admin.
    In User Admin, select multiple Users, click the Actions Box, and then click Deactivate Users. - Details

  • #9725 ⁃ Add a Case # to Header for Items
    Org #, Item #, and Primary Case # are shown in the Header when Viewing an Item.

  • #9730 ⁃ Data Import Precheck of Records before Importing them - Details

  • #9745 ⁃ Newly created Item can be checked out to a Person instead of into a Storage Location - Details

  • #9747 ⁃ Report Builder - Added Searchable Fields such as an Items Count to Cases as well as Tags to both Cases and Items, in addition to Chain of Custody Fields - Details

Client Requests

  • #7988 ⁃ Sorting Item Results by Description & Location
    After doing an Item Search, you may now Sort that Search by Item Description or Location.

  • #9383 ⁃ Add CoC fields to items portion of reports - Details

  • #7922 ⁃ Sort By Permission Group in User Admin
    In User Admin, if you click the Permission Group header, it will sort Users by their Permission Groups.

Hot Fixes

  • #9782 ⁃ Translations Showing .NAV - There was an issue where code was being shown instead of field names. This has now been resolved.
  • #9845 ⁃ Add Options to xxxxx Private Cloud
  • #9916 ⁃ Large File Upload/Download Issue - There was an issue where very large files > 5GB wouldn't upload/download successfully. This has now been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • #9031 ⁃ 'Back to Case' button is missing when navigating to Item from 'Actions' menu
  • #9171 ⁃ Item's History Modal View should be closed when User is redirected to the new page
  • #9175 ⁃ [Tasks] User with read-only permissions in one office can update task if he has respective permissions in any other office
  • #9727 ⁃ Tasks Mass Update removes tasks linked objects
  • #9744 ⁃ Additional Barcode is not added to Item when Update Item via Updater using the Default Value
  • #9781 ⁃ BUG - All the on/off buttons aren't working properly if you reload the org screen
  • #9905 ⁃ Exception when Uploading Media
  • #9906 ⁃ Error when Org User was going to User Admin Page
  • #9910 ⁃ Error, when Mass Updating Items
  • #9911 ⁃ Some Translations were missed
  • #9923 ⁃ Search for Users was broken
  • #9924 ⁃ Error when generating a report built with CoC fields on the "Item" tab

DEV Requests/Updates

  • #8193 ⁃ Custom Forms were out of order
  • #9669 ⁃ Case Prefix per Office
  • #9702 ⁃ Add 2 letter State abbreviation to the state dropdown list for Person Address
  • #9760 ⁃ Error Log Fix - Dashboard controller
  • #9761 ⁃ Error Log Fix - GetItemByBarcodeQuery
  • #9762 ⁃ Error Log Fix - Charts Controller
  • #9818 ⁃ Need Disposal SAFE Transations Removed from CoC
  • #9819 ⁃ Need SAFE Check In & Disposal Transactions Removed from CoC