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Version 85/86 (August 31, 2020)


  • #8940 ⁃ Added 2 letter State Abbreviation to state dropdown list for Person Address for initial entry of a Person.
    Rather than having to start typing in "Missouri" or "M" and then scroll through many options to get to Missouri,
    you may now type in "mo" and go directly to the option of Missouri.
  • #9113 ⁃ Searching Enhancement - In the Tags field, by default, equals (or) is automatically applied.

So in this case, you will get results if an item has one or the other Tags applied (if there are more than one Tag attached to that Item).
The same is true with Offices.
For more details, please see the Tags section - Details

Hot Fixes

  • #9509 ⁃ [Item Categories] Missing value that was selected but later disabled in Org Settings
  • #9545 ⁃ People Cases Pagination

Bug Fixes

  • #7192 ⁃ Uploaded Media via Disposition not shown under Media Tab
  • #7770 ⁃ Checkout Reason and Disposal Method not showing up as options
  • #9349 ⁃ Sorting not working as expected on the Scan page and Tasks page/Item tab
  • #9413 ⁃ OrgAdmin User has no Permissions to Add Item to a Restricted Case via changing the Primary Case #/ Managing Cases/ Adding Items to Case [CLP]
  • #9447 ⁃ Errors when User performs Available Actions on Scan Page for the Checked Out Item from different Office
  • #9495 ⁃ Regular User is not able to Add an Item to the Restricted Case being assigned to Administrator Permission Group [CLP]
  • #9496 ⁃ Custodian and Recovered By fields contain the People from current Organization but wrong DB [Workflows]
  • #9517 ⁃ [Importer] Missing value for 'Item Belongs To' field on the imported item - Basic Info tab
  • #9518 ⁃ Import and Version Field
  • #9525 ⁃ User being assigned to Read Only Permission Group in Case can Add Media to this Case/Item in the Case (by moving Media from another Case) [CLP]
  • #9529 ⁃ [Tasks] Error thrown on GetPrimaryCaseItems endpoint
  • #9530 ⁃ Person Preview is empty, when Updating a Person via Importer
  • #9559 ⁃ Cannot read property 'item' of null console error, when Viewing History Details for Item, that was Checked In to another Organization
  • #9576 ⁃ External Users not showing up on Chain of Custody
  • #9619 ⁃ [Custom Forms] Some common characters are not allowed in a field name

DEV Requests/Updates

  • #9423 ⁃ Clean Error Log from Noise
  • #9466 ⁃ Import Check Out Issue Cleanup