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Scan \ Container/Storage Location Move

Scanning and Moving Containers

Click the Scan Icon in the Nav Menu on the lefthand side of the screen.
From the Scan page, scan a Storage Location/Container barcode.
You may then click the Containers Tab to view.

Select your Container by clicking the checkbox in its row and then click the Actions box to make a selection.

If you click Move Container, the Move Container pop-up will appear.
Simply enter a Destination Office and Location and click Save.

If you click Checkout Container Items, the Check Out Items pop-up will appear.
Simply enter who the Items will be Checked Out To, etc., and click Ok.

If you click Dispose Container Items, the Item Disposal pop-up will appear.
Simply enter the required Method, and any other fields you'd like, and click Ok.

Finally, if you navigate away from the Scan area and return, if you have previously scanned Items, the system will display your list of previously scanned Items and ask if you would like to clear the list.

Here is a sample Chain of Custody Report showing when an Item was initially entered into the system.
It was then put/Moved into a Container called 12112020
After that, it was Moved to a Storage Location called Storage Room A
Finally, the Container was Moved to Building X.