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Settings \ Organization \ Expected Return Date Notifications

After selecting the Expected Return Date Notifications Tab, you may click Edit and enter an amount of Days Expired such as 3 (shown). Once entered, when an Item is Checked Out, and the Checked Out 'Return Date' comes up (the day after) the person 'holding' the Item will get a Task stating that the Item is Past Due.

1. Is an Expected Return Date required upon Item Checkout?  As in, must it be filled in? No, that is optional.

2. How do you handle Legacy Items?
Some Agencies will have thousands of really past due 'check outs'.  Do we just start sending notices for today going forward?
When an Org enables this feature, you can set the "Days Expired" value. It determines how far in the past (in days) it will search for expired days. This will take care of the really old past due 'check outs'.