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Scanning Item Barcodes

After logging in to the SAFE Mobile App, if you click the 3 horizontal bars in the top lefthand corner of your screen, you'll be taken to the Nav Menu.
You may then click Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner page is shown below.
This area allows you to Scan Item and Storage Location Barcodes with your phone's camera in preparation for performing Transactions!

If you click the Camera Icon now, that will open your camera so you may begin Scanning Barcodes.
You can Scan Barcodes by lining the barcode up with the green Scan box. The red line should be as close to the middle of the barcode as possible.

If the image is too dark, click the Flashlight Icon to turn on your phone's flashlight to illuminate the background image.

When a good Scan is captured, you will receive an audible beep to indicate the Scan was recorded. At this point, you can move on to Scan other Items.

Click ‘Done’ when you are finished Scanning.
After Scanning and clicking Done, you will see the Scan Results.
You may then click OK and perform a Transaction on the Items you scanned by clicking the orange circle with the lightning bolt, or you may print an Item Label by clicking the green print button.

To print an Item Label, select your Item(s) and click the green print button.

Select your Label

Generated Labels