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Would you like to be alerted when an Item from a certain Item Category or a particular type of Case is added to SAFE? If yes, then Workflows are for you!

To view a short video on Workflows, click here: Workflows Video

From the Settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select Workflows. You are now on the Add Workflow screen.

From here, click the Add button to create a Workflow / Alert.

In the example shown below, I have named this Workflow "SAK Alert" and it is attached to Items (vs. Cases). I have also assigned a User to this Workflow who will receive the Alerts.

The Workflow will be executed when an Item is Created, and in this case, I've specified some Matching Criteria.

The Matching Criteria I've selected is: Category = Sex Assault Kit, and the Action to perform I've selected is to Email vs. SMS (text message).

So, the above Workflow will work like this:
When a Sex Assault Kit Item is Created, Rob will be sent an Email.

After Saving the Workflow, you will be taken back to the Workflows page where you may Edit your Workflows at any time, should you wish to change or Delete them.