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v62 Release

Release Date Monday, June 3, 2019, at 10pm ET


  • #5115 ⁃ Report Writer > Case Fields within Item Area - This feature now allows you to include Case level fields within the item section of the report writer. The particular use case was for when printing item labels and you needed case level info when printing every item.

  • #5137 ⁃ Importer / Updater change status - The importer / updater now allows you to change an item status via the importer. This is particularity when trying to change status on thousands of items.

  • #5331 ⁃ Case Review Notes generating in Tasks - When auto dispo generates a task, we now include the Case Review Notes from the case in the Task Subject. We only use this when a Case Review note actually exists. If there is no Case Review note then use default to the general message.

Minor Features

  • #5393 ⁃ Export Offense Type at Item Level - When exporting item data we now include the Offense Type if enabled.

App Updates

  • #4820 ⁃ IoS App Store - The Safe app is now available in the IoS apple store. Simply search Safe Evidence in the app store to find the app.

  • #5377 ⁃ App: Case Entry - Case entry and edit are now available.

  • #5380 ⁃ Minor Updates - 1. On Scan page, set default to items being selected if they are valid. Right now I have to click on the items I was to perform a transaction on. 2. On new manual barcode entry page, I have to click on the field to enter a barcode. When I click on the manual entry button I should automatically be in the field and ready to enter a value.

  • #5382 ⁃ App Update (Type location name) - Added the type ahead for locations on the check in page.

Hot Fixes (Release since last publish)

  • #5283 ⁃ Setting Password "Invalid Token" errors

  • #5481 ⁃ SAFE BUG - When closing a Task, the Notes section no longer displays that the "Task was Closed"

  • #5373 ⁃ Exporter - Columns Being Shifted

  • #5381 ⁃ Exporter - Out of Memory Exception

  • #5444 ⁃ Persons Import error

  • #5473 ⁃ Possible Bug: After Updating User in User Admin, Have to Refresh in order to do next action

  • #5525 ⁃ [Person] Person Type column in export from Cases Involved tab

  • #5536 ⁃ Container Names now allow special characters.

  • #5513 ⁃ [User Admin] Error while creating new user - Error when new user tries to login

Dev Team Updates (more technical in nature)

  • #2457 ⁃ Semi-Annual Security Test - We completed our semi-annual 3rd party pen test.

  • #4691 ⁃ Update tp scheduler service in core 2.2

  • #5116 ⁃ Exporter is now on .Net Core

  • #5337 ⁃ PenTest HTML Injection - Fixed found HTML injection.

Bug Fixes

  • #5362 ⁃ Item Belongs To disappears after performing Check Out from Item View page. The data was not being removed, just the viewing of the data.

  • #5391 ⁃ Auto Dispo Problem - When choosing "Recalculate Cases To Dispose", it is showing cases that should not be in the list.

  • #5474 ⁃ Additional Barcode field empty in history details

  • #5476 ⁃ [Permissons] View/Create permissions - Strange and different behavior for Case, Person, and Item

  • #5491 ⁃ [Media] Category dropdown and Description field enabled in search for user with no permission to update media

  • #5497 ⁃ [Tasks] Task visible in Task tab for user which does not have any Task permissions

  • #5498 ⁃ [Export] Particular columns do not have correct values after exporting from Cases Involved tab on Person View

  • #5499 ⁃ [Export] Review Date and Review Date Notes column do not have correct values

  • #5504 ⁃ [Search] Error when user-not org admin is searching for media using particular search params

  • #4861 ⁃ [Items] XML Parsing Error while performing Mass Update for Item (any data)

  • #5044 ⁃ [Search] Table stats for People history

  • #5323 ⁃ [Media] Moving Media from Item to Case - Badge value does not change

  • #5386 ⁃ Item View: Storage Location not cleaned up on Check Out

  • #5389 ⁃ [Tasks] Unable to export all Tasks

  • #5422 ⁃ Auto Dispo - Cannot select User Group

  • #5429 ⁃ [Items] Additional Barcode still present after user removes it

  • #5438 ⁃ [Login] Invalid email causing Forgot Password to crash

  • #5439 ⁃ [Items] Remove From Case and Manage Cases options disabled even if item(s) are attached to multiple Cases

  • #5446 ⁃ Explain why "Containerize" is not working

  • #5447 ⁃ Custom Views - More issues with columns in selected view

  • #5455 ⁃ Dashboard Duplicates

  • #5459 ⁃ [Export] Error while exporting any transaction from Search

  • #5460 ⁃ [People] Selecting all people in the grid changes order

  • #5462 ⁃ [System] Alerts do not appear after logging in

  • #5464 ⁃ [Export People] Case Notes missing in exported file

  • #5469 ⁃ Tag Problem related to system permissions