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Updating Data (Singular v/s Mass Update)

Updating a Single Object

There are many instances where information entered into the system might need to be updated. This is a pretty simple task. If you have the necessary permissions, most pages where info is displayed will contain an edit button.

For example, I want to change this item entered from a Blue bike to a Red bike.

  1. Click View to view the item details
  2. Go to bottom of page and click edit
  3. Change any information that should be changed
  4. Click Save.

As long as the new variables meet all the necessary requirements your updated data will be saved. If there are any errors you will be prompted.

Mass Updating Basic Info

Mass updating information is the process of updating many items at once.

For example, these three items in the Case View all have different recovery dates. I could edit them one at a time as shown in the Updating a Single Object example above, but I want to change all of them at once to a new date.

  1. Select all three items from the list (checkbox to the left of each item)
  2. Go to Actions drop down Menu
  3. Select Mass Update
  4. This page will contain all the basic fields for each item. We only want to update the Recovery Date so you must first click the 'Yes / No' option on the right to indicate that we want to update this field.
    Note: Only fields selected as Yes will be mass updated. All other fields will not be updated.
  5. Change the field to the new variable.
  6. Click Ok at bottom of page

You will now see that all three items have the new Recovery Date you selected.

Mass Updating a Custom Form

Mass Updating a custom form is the action of applying (or overwriting) an entire custom form to many items in a singular action.

Warning: In the previous steps you were only overwriting data that you selected for update. In this case, beware, you might actually overwrite data that you did not select or intend to overwrite. If you select the option to overwrite any existing custom, the action will overwrite the entire form regardless of fields you selected.

  1. Select X number of items from the item view (as in previous examples)
  2. Go to Actions Menu
  3. Select Mass Update Custom Data (this is different from the mass update option)
  4. Select the Custom Form you want to apply to the select items (top drop down menu option)
  5. Fill out the form as desired

    Note: There is an option at the bottom to Overwrite? This option, if selected, will overwrite any existing form applied to these items v/s appending. By default, this form will be appended to any form already written against the selected items.

    Note 2 - If you choose to overwrite any existing forms it will only overwrite the form with the same name. It will not overwrite all forms.

  6. Click Ok and your form will now be applied (or overwritten if selected).

Update Permissions

All Actions on this page are governed by the Update option in Settings > Permission Groups. Only users with the ability to update things will be able to complete any of the actions listed on this page.

Update Logging

Every update, singluar or mass, will be documented in the History tab of any page that may be updated along with date / time, user completing transaction and change made.