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Safe Upgrade

For those Tracker 'Fluid' clients considering an upgrade to SAFE...

Significant Enhancements

  1. Completely overhauled infrastructure. Much faster in every area of the program.
  2. IoS and Android-based app
  3. Dashboard with customized widgets (template widgets with 100+ stats, share widgets with your team)
  4. 12 searching options (vs 3 in Fluid)
  5. Automated Workflow with SMS notification
  6. Items can be moved from one case to another or tied to multiple cases
  7. Data importer (xlsx based files)
  8. SAML and Google Authenticator authentication
  9. Multi-office systems can now stagger permissions between offices
  10. API Infrastructure for RMS Integration
  11. HTML based report writer
  12. Share items between Organizations
  13. On-Premise File Server for local storage of media assets
  14. Private cloud hosting options
  15. Auto Dispo now based on Case v/s Items. Template widget for enhanced stats.
  16. OWASP compliant password mechanism
  17. Storage locations are now searchable within the entire structure. They are also able to be renamed or moved to other areas.
  18. Invite external users (other Safe users) to have approved access to your data.
  19. Containerize your items - Now you can 'bunch' items together in a single container with a single barcode label for the container.
  20. All transactions (check in, check out, etc) are now batched for easier searching.
  21. System translation file for much greater customization.

Minor Enhancements

  1. Improved navigation (much cleaner movement)
  2. Discrepancy reports now report against each item for auditing verification
  3. Transfer option for moving checked out items to another user

Standard Features

  1. On-Premise or Cloud-based purchasing options
  2. Concurrent Licensing (no modules)
  3. No modules, extras or complicated contracts.
  4. Chain of custody for both physical and digital evidence
  5. Create unlimited custom fields
  6. Create unlimited reports
  7. Logging services - Track all changes to everything
  8. Discrepancy Report (with item level reporting)
  9. System Transactions with Digital Signature

Loss Items

  1. Some custom reports will not be easily be converted (if at all)
  2. Safe does not have a Chain of Custody maintenance
  3. Temp Locations - We no longer distinguish storage locations as temporary or permanent. There are now locations you have access to and those you don't.
  4. Bucket list feature has been replaced by Tags
  5. Legacy Chain of Custody Signatures are not imported, but remain in Fluid and can be accessed there.