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Safe App


The Safe App is a iOs / Android based program that is still in the testing phase.


  • Apple IoS Version & Android
  • Transactions (Check In, Check out, Move, Transfer & Dispo)
  • Case Lookup
  • Thumbprint login (IoS)

Downloading the App

Right now the app can only be used by approved testers. It will soon be released to the app store for general use.

Logging In

The login screen will use the same username/password as you use in the Safe web app. If using IoS you can set thumbprint login. Go to Settings to enable Thumbprint option. Do not change any other settings unless advised by Tracker support or your Admin.

The default page of the Safe App (v1) is the Barcode Scanner page. This area allows you to scan item barcodes (with the phone camera) in preparation of performing system transactions.

Click the Camera icon to open your camera and scan barcodes

When the Camera opens, you will scan barcodes by lining the barcode up with the green scan box. The red line should be as close to the middle of the barcode as possible. When a good scan is captured, you will receive an audible beep to indicate the scan was recorded. At this point you can move on to other scans.

Click ‘Done’ when you are finished with scanning

After scanning and click Done, you will go back to the Scanner page with the scanned barcodes on the screen.

Performing Transactions

To begin a transaction, select one or more items from the list. You can click the Double Check (top of the screen) to select all items in the list. You can also remove items one at a time (swipe left) or click the trash can icon to remove all items.

Click the Transactions icon to being a transaction on the selected items.

Like the Safe web app, you can only perform transactions if the selected items will allow the type of transaction you desire. Click the type of transactions want to complete and move on.

Transactions will allow for touch screen signature capture and even upload of media where you use the camera to take pictures.

Location Scanning

If you click the ‘Location’ option from the Barcode Scanning page, you can scan a location barcode and the App will populate all items from that location (vs scanning every item in that location).

Other Functions

Swipe (from left) to bring up the App Menu.
  • Home; Case Lookup and Item / Person view
  • Switch Offices; will allow you to change offices if you have access to more than one office.
  • Settings
  • Logout

Case View

The Case View page allows you to bring up cases and view details

From within Case View, you can click the Items or People tab (bottom of page) to view those elements.

From here you can click on any item to see all the details on an item.