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Update Installer

For clients with the on prem system, follow these instructions for updating your system to the most current version of Safe.

  1. Download the most current Safe files from
  2. Place these files on the same machine that was used to install the system.
  3. Take these two downloaded files and put in the same folder where the original install files were located.
  4. Extract both files to the folder you are in.
  5. Go into Webinstaller folder (make sure installer.share.dll is unblocked)
  6. Run Webinstaller.exe as a Administrator
  • Note: Might need to copy config file from another user folder (C:\Users\uiser\AppData\Local\Tracker_Products_Inc)
  1. Make sure to uncheck 'first time update'

May need to delete D:\Safe\WebAPI\install\server_log.txt and stop MediaUploadAPI

When installing the Services make sure the Application Updater page 'Install Updater' is unchecked.