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v36 Release

Release Date Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 10 pm ET

Features Fixes

  • #2411 - Scan page now allows you to Scan serial numbers for item lookup or to use in transactions.

  • #2378 - We now export tags in excel exporter.

  • #2313 - Person > Alias field is now a part of Person lookup (in various areas of the system like Item Belongs To).

Bug Fixes

  • #2324 - Task subject is truncated in detail view. We no longer truncate the task Title or Subject when in details view (only Tasks list view).

  • #2341 - Fix to Google Authenticator for login.

  • #2408 - Resolved login issue where you are notified on login that you are logged in to another system (incorrectly).

  • #2426 - Media download will now download the file as the original file name. Also, the mass download will contain files with the original file name.

  • #2349 - Fix to Google Maps for on-premise clients.

  • #2375 - When duplicating an item, we now show the full path to a storage location.

  • #2404 - Fix to storage location view when expanding location structure.

  • #2410 - Fix to properly record a note on check-in.

  • #2433 - Fix to speed of Auto Dispo display of 'Closed Cases' and 'Reorganize Cases'.