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v35 Release

Release Date Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 10pm ET

This release includes 16 recently reported bugs and speed issues. There are no minor or major features.

Bug Fixes

  • #3104 - Index for Legacy CoC Reporting issue - We are applying a index to speed up CoC and legacy CoC viewing.

  • #3176 - Check in 'Forbidden' - Fix issue where user with ability to Search > Check In's is getting a 'forbidden' error.

  • #3084 - Report Builder / Time conversion - When using custom fields in report writer, a date / time field is not being converted from GMT time. It now displays the proper time zone.

  • #3112 - Media Types - In the previous release, we added the option to remove default file type formats from the list of available types. In this release you can add allowed file format types in Settings > Organization > Allowed Media File Extensions.

  • #3128 - Case View, Person tab pagination - Added pagination to Persons page when viewing a Case with a large number of persons.

  • #3140 & *#3202 - Export people and sorting - Fix to export a large amount of Persons.

  • #2989 - Case persons after a merge history shows duplicate person - This has been fixed.

  • #3129 - Auto Dispo - Close cases - Significant speed increase to Auto Dispo > Mass Close Cases.

  • #3130 - Permissions issue - User with Read Only was able to add a person to a case. This is fixed.

  • #3110 - Case Search by "Review Date Notes" is not working - Now able to sort by dates. This is only for those with Auto Disposition enabled.

  • #3173 - Edit Item > Office - When editing a case (with multiple offices), you now only see Active offices.

  • #3178 - Cannot Save Custom Strings - In Organization -> Settings -> Translation - "Save Changes" produces an error and the changes are not saved. Resolved.

  • #3012 - Scan clear - When in the Scan section, 'clear' button' does not remove the checkbox for all items. Now it does.

  • #3118 - Scan locations limit - When in Scan section and using Location Scan, we now produce an error message if the location has more than 500 items in it.

  • #3141 - Self - Resend welcome email - If user tries to login with a welcome email that is more than 24 hours old, the user can now have the welcome resent so that they can login.

  • #3149 - Discrepancy Report Bug - If using a '/' in the discrepancy report name, you get an 'invalid barcode' when trying to start. If you remove the / it works fine. This has been fixed.

  • #3200 - Export with Item history options - Trying to export with ItemHistory, CaseHistory, and PeopleHistory. All of these exports fail when doing "Export All". Fixed and export works.