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Exporting information to a .csv file after doing a Search

After doing a Search on Items for example, perhaps you would like to Export that Search in the form of a .csv file which can be read by Microsoft's Excel.

To do this and have your Case Numbers appear correctly, please perform the following steps:

1. Search Cases or Items to get your list.

2. Then Export that list (All) or a Subset of your Search Results.

3. You will now be on the Export Jobs page where your Job will be queued to run. Once finished, click the word Download underneath Download Link.

4. A copy of that file will then be sent to your computer.

Many times you can just double click the file and auto open / convert and all is good. However, if you are experiencing Conversion Issues with Case Numbers, for example because your data is being converted incorrectly, please proceed to step #5.

5. Next, open a Microsoft Excel Blank Workbook.

6. After that is done, click File and then Import.

7. Choose CSV file and click Import.

8. Choose the file you will be Importing.

9. Then click Get Data.

10. Make sure Delimited is selected and click Next.

11. Tab and Comma Delimiters should be checked, and the Text qualifier should be ". Then click Next

12. Choose the Primary Case # Column and switch the Column data format from General to Text and click Finish.

13. Finally, click OK to insert the data into your Blank Workbook.
Your Case Numbers will now appear correctly.