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Scan Page > Scan by Location

Location Scanning

In some cases, there is a need to scan a single location barcode (which represents all the items within that location) and have that single scan populate a transactions list. From there you can select all the items in the list and complete a transaction.

The Scan page now allows the scanning of a storage location with list population by that single barcode.

Print Location Barcode

Go to Settings > Storage Locations and print a Location Label for the list of items you are going to make a part of the 'container'. This label will go on the container of items.

Enable Location Scanning

Go to Settings > Organization and find the 'Scan By Location Barcode' section. You will edit and enable this option.

Scan by Location

Go to Scan section and you will now see an option for 'Location Barcode'.

Select this option and you will be able to Scan a location barcode and have all the items in that location placed in the list.