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Widget value is incorrect but resulting value is correct

There have been examples in the SAFE system where a saved query in the Widget window is showing a result of 0 items but if you click on the 0, it brings up the query with correct results.

This example is showing that I have a saved query called 'Impound Lot' and it shows 0 as a result.

However, if you click on the 0 (to see the actual results) it shows the correct results as you would expect.

Problem: If this occurs, there is a malformed saved query in the background. Most likely the saved query was built from another and the system overlapped some of the background query information.

Resolution: You must remove the widget line item and the saved query then rebuild.

  1. Click the delete button next to the widget row.
  2. Go to the Add Widget button on your Dashboard and enable the Saved Search list widget.
  3. Click the Red edit button. (This will produce a list of saved queries in your system)
  4. Remove the bad query
  5. Now that the widget and query are gone, you can rebuild the query again and save it to your Dashboard.

This should fix the issue.