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Release 32.004 'Client Request List'

Release Date Thursday January 25, 2018 at 5am ET (The release will only take seconds to apply)

This update will focus on smaller but often requested client updates.

Items Belongs To Field

Prior to this release, the Items Belongs to Field (on the item entry and update page) will only show Persons that are assigned to the Case you are viewing. With this update, if your Organization requests, we can change this field to show all Persons in the system, regardless of Case Persons. We will soon have an option on the Settings > Organization page where you can set this variable yourself. For now, email to make the request.

Modifications to Item View Grid

  1. Full Location Path - We are changing the Storage Location field to show the full path of an item instead of just the lowest level storage name.
  2. Description Field - Since description fields can tend to be longer in length, we are going to add a break after 100 characters. This will help make the page more viewable when the description is longer in length.
  3. Show up to 250 Items - The Options drop-down menu will now have an option to show up to 250 items at a time.