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Creating an Item

Navigation Menu » + Add \ Item

Once you have successfully created a new Case/Matter and added the appropriate Persons to it, you may begin to create and add unique Items to it.
You can add as many Items to any Case as you wish. Begin the process of creating and adding Items to your new Case by clicking the Save and add item filed at the bottom of the initial 'New case' or 'Add person' submission pages.

To view a short video on how to Add an Item, click here: Adding an Item Video

1. From the + Add menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select Item. This takes you to the Add Item screen.
Enter a Required valid Case Number you would like to add an item to.
Also, enter a Required category the item belongs to and click Next.

2. Once you have successfully entered a Required valid Case Number and Category and clicked Next, you must now enter a few more Required fields.
The Required fields are Recovered By, Recovered At, Recovery Date, Description, Custody Reason, and Storage Location.
Once you have entered these, you may add additional information to the Item you are creating, such as the Make, Model, Serial Number etc.

3. Depending on your Agency, your Administrator may allow you to enter an Item with a Status of either Checked In, or Checked Out.
Your Administrator will have to set this up in the Settings area of SAFE under Item Add With Checkouts.

If you are entering an Item which will be Checked In, such as into a Storage Location, you may 'skip' Status, as Checked In is the default.

Enter that Item's Storage Location and Save and choose an option.

4. If you are NOT entering an Item into a Storage Location, at Status, you may choose Checked Out.
This may be done, for example, if you're taking possession of Item(s) from a Courier service such as UPS or FedEx and you want that to show on a Chain of Custody Report.

5. Upon selecting Status Checked Out, you will be presented with some additional fields.
The additional Required fields are Taken From, Taken By, and Reason.
You may also choose to add Notes, and select an Expected Return Date.

6. Taken From and Taken By MUST be Users in your Organization so they will show on a Chain of Custody Report.
In the example shown below, I have added UPS as a User in my Org and given them an Invalid email address.

The Chain of Custody Report shown below now shows I took possession of an Item.
That Item was Issued From the Courier service, and was Issued To me.
Additionally, I added a Note for further clarification. That is shown under the Location column.
The Status of the Item is Checked Out.
I may now Check In the Item once I return to my Office.

Fields on the Add Item Page

Case - Type the name of the case you want to add the item to. This is a Required field.

Category - Click anywhere in the Required Category field to bring up a list of options to choose from.

Recovered At - Type the location the item was recovered at.
You may also click Show on Map to see a pop-up using Google Maps to show where this Item was Recovered At. This is a Required field.

Recovered By - Enter who the item was Recovered By here. This is a Required field.

Recovery Date - When, and at what time was the item recovered? This is a Required field. You may wish to use the calendar icon in this field, or enter the date and time manually.

Description - Enter a brief Description of the item here. This is a Required field.

Custody Reason - What is the reason for having this item? Click anywhere in the Custody Reason field to bring up a list of options to choose from. This is a Required field.

Make - Type the Make of the item.

Model - What Model is the item? For example, Dodge is the make, Viper is the model.

Serial Number - If the item had a Serial Number, enter it here.

Item Belongs To - Who does the item belong to? Type that Person’s name here. It may be any Person entered into your system as long as your Administrator has enabled this option.

Tags - A searchable label any User can create that is attached to a Case or Item for the purpose of identification. Click anywhere inside the Tags field and start typing to bring up a list of available Tag options (which have already been entered) to choose from.

Storage Location - This is where the Item is currently located. For example, this may be a Temporary Locker, a box on a shelf in your evidence room, or a safe. This is a Required field.

Buttons on the Add Item Page - Save - This button saves the information you just entered about the Item. Next to it, you can make additional choices.

3. In addition to the Basic Info Add Item fields, you may be asked to fill out additional Fields if the Item entered belongs to a particular Category. For example, if you chose the Category Cellular Phone, an administrator may have attached a Cellular Phone Form to be filled out. When using a number on a Custom Form, the field does not allow multiple dots to be entered. The field will allow a single dot like “12.1” but not “12.1.” or “12.1.2.” to be entered.

Fields on the Phone Form

Phone Label - Is there a label on the phone? If so, enter it here.

Phone IMEI - IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique identifier for a mobile device. IMEI is a form of ESN (Electronic Serial Number). IMEI numbers are typically 15 digit numbers.

Memory Card Present - Was a memory card present when the phone was obtained? Check Yes or No.

Carrier - What carrier is associated with this phone? Choose AT&T, Verizon etc.

If you try to Add Items to a Closed Case, you will receiving the following message: