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Creating a Manual Inventory Report from an Item Search

An alternate method for creating an Inventory Report is to create one manually by doing an Item Search.

1. From the Nav Menu screen, click Search then click Items.

2. Next, enter your search parameters. In the example shown, we have specified a date range by choosing Created Date then between Mar 18, 2020 and Apr 7, 2020.
The Status of the Items equals Checked In, and the Category equals Drugs. When you are finished entering in your parameters, click Search.

3. A list of Items has now been generated for that Category over that date range.

4. Finally, click the Export box and choose either All, or a Subset of Search Results.
This will create a task to Export the results into a .csv (comma separated value) file, which can be downloaded and manipulated with Microsoft Excel or Word, for example.

If you chose to export a Subset of Search Results, you may then select either a (random) Percentage or a (random) Number of Items you would like to export.

Once you click Ok, you will be taken to the Export Jobs page.

5. To Download your file, wait until it states “Download” in the Download Link column (you may click the refresh icon to the right of Menu Customization to see the Status of the Export Job). Once you click the “Download” link, it may bring up a dialog on where to store the file on your computer (if you’re using a Mac, it will send the file to your Downloads folder).

Completed Export Job:

You can now open the file in Excel, create a column of checkboxes for “Present”, print the spreadsheet and Audit, or do your Inventory for the Storage Location.

Note: In the “Present” column in Microsoft Excel, you can select the first cell and insert a symbol for the checkbox. Then copy that down the sheet if you’d like have an area to place a checkmark beside Items as you go through your list.

If you are experiencing issues with Case Number data being imported incorrectly, please see the following link:

.csv Import File Instructions