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Discrepancy Reports

Nav Menu » Tools \ Discrepancy Reports

1. Given the appropriate Permissions from an Org Admin, you may access the Discrepancy Reports section of the software from the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen by selecting the Tools icon (it looks like a wrench), then from the menu select Discrepancy Reports. You are now on the Discrepancy Reports screen. From here, you can choose which Storage Location you’re interested in running a report on.

First click New Report and give your report a name and then scan or enter the barcode of the location you would like to audit.

Next, click Start to go to the Scanning page.

Scan in barcodes from that particular Storage Location.

Note where it says “Scanning Items in: ______ “. This is the current Storage Location where the Items are currently located. To change to a different Nested Storage Location, scan, or copy and paste another Storage Location from the Storage Location Barcode Nested List. Once the Storage Location has been changed, you may continue scanning Items, before finally running your report.

In the example shown below, the report is telling us 1 Location was scanned, 4 Items were scanned, and 4 Discrepancies were found.

SAFE is giving us the benefit of the doubt and letting us know that it thinks we scanned 1 valid Barcodes, but that Item wasn't found in the correct Storage Location, so there is 1 Discrepancies there.

Safe is also telling us there are 3 Items that were Not Scanned that should have been.

You may now Save (your Discrepancy Report) as a PDF, view and print the report, go through the checklist, fix any discrepancies listed, sign and date it.

Once a report has been generated, you will see those Discrepancy Reports on the Discrepancy Reports page.