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Tools \ Report Builder \ Creating Reports

Nav Menu » Tools \ Report Builder

1. From the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the Tools icon (it looks like a wrench), then from the menu select Report Builder. You are now on the Report screen. From here, you can Add or Edit your Reports and Labels. You can also View and Delete Reports and Labels.
The software has some of the most popular template Reports and Labels for your use. Creating custom Reports and Labels are discussed in an upcoming section.

2. To View a previously built Report, click the View box next to the Report you would like to use. You may also choose this from the Actions box.

You will then be taken to the Report Header & Footer Tab on the Reports screen, and you will see the (Report Header & Footer) html code for the Report you have chosen.

3. If you don’t wish to use one of the ready-made reports, you can always create your own.
To Add a Report, click the Add box. The Add Report screen will appear. Give your Report a Required Name. When you are finished, click Ok.

Once you click Ok, you will be taken to the Report Header & Footer Tab. A system template is shown below.
If you wish, give your report a Report Header and a Report Footer using html code.
On the off chance that you’re not fluent in html code, feel free to copy the code from another Report and change it to suit your needs.
You can also choose to include items from the User or Cases Fields boxes, such as User Name or User Email etc. Next, click the Case Tab.

If creating a Custom Report is out of your ‘comfort zone’, let our Support Staff know.
Depending on the time required to complete, and the complexity of your request, we will provide you with a quote to do the job for you.

Under the Case Tab, enter the Report criteria, once again in html code.

Click User Fields, Cases Fields, or Case Custom Fields and pick selection(s) to be automatically included in your Report. Case Fields on the Case Tab are shown below.

You may also do this from the Item Tab in the *Report Builder

On the Item Tab in the *Report Builder, you may combine a variety of selections into one cohesive Report. Chain of Custody entries are shown below.

You may also wish to have the Date & Time, or just the Date on your Reports.
This can be accomplished by either clicking the Calendar Icon with Dates or the Calendar Icon without Dates.

You can also enter Item Header/Footer and Item criteria, as well as Chain of Custody (CoC) Header & Footer and CoC Information etc. under their respective Tabs.
Take into account which selection(s) you would like to be automatically included in your report.

When you are finished, click Save.

4. To Delete a Report or Label, highlight the Report or Label you are interested in. Click the Actions box and from the drop-down menu, select Delete.

Once you Delete a Report or Label, it is gone permanently!