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Settings \ Permission Groups - Location Based Permissions

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Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to allow a User to dispose of an item but you did NOT want to grant them permissions for dispositions because it would allow them to dispose of all items in the system?

What about editing an item that they just entered into the system?

"Location Permissions" have you covered. You can grant/revoke a User (Permission Group) the permissions of Check Out, Dispose, Move or Update/Edit Items and they are only allowed to complete these transactions in Locations where they have been granted access in Tools > Storage Locations.

By default, Basic Users can perform CheckOuts, Disposals, and Moves if they have access to the Item's Storage Location.
However, by default, they cannot Update/Edit any Items after they have been entered into SAFE.

Simply go to Settings > Permission Groups and Edit the Group you want to modify.
Select the permission(s) you want to allow the group to have and you can rest assured that they can only complete this transaction if the item is in a location that they have access to.
Go to Tools > Storage Locations to grant access to Locations.