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Settings \ Organization \ General \ Translation

Select the Translation Tab to edit (almost) any of the verbiages we use anywhere in the system. You can now change virtually (almost) every word displayed in your site.

Go to Settings > Organization > General and click on the Translation Tab. There are hundreds of rows of translatable values.

NOTE: Only change the value in the second set of quotation marks. For example, “Case_Media”: “Media

Warning: Changing the first value will only BREAK YOUR SITE!

NOTE: If you want to change something like Case Officer you might want to search the translation file for multiple instances of the word. Some agencies might want to change Case # to CAD #. There are most likely dozens of references to the word Case in the translation file.

Translation Menu Options

SAFE also offers you the ability to change Translations to a completely different language!

If you prefer Russian, Japanese, or Spanish, simply make that selection and apply it to your Site!
Just remember, everyone may not be as fluent as you are in the language you choose, so choose wisely!