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Admin - Logging into SAFE

Logging into SAFE is as simple as opening your browser of choice and typing in your site link. Our support department will provide this link. If this link is entered correctly, you will see a login page like the screen below. Enter your Email and Password to log into the system. If you see anything other than this login screen, you will need to contact Support for further assistance.

Can the software store my Password?

Saving Names and Passwords is NOT a feature of the software for obvious security reasons. Instead, this is a function of the web browser you are using. When any web browser asks if you or your Users would like to save Name(s) and Password(s), select No. If a user has inadvertently saved their Name and Password, it is the Administrator’s job to delete those saved Names and Passwords and clear the web browser’s cache. There are a number of online articles on how to best accomplish this, depending on which web browser you are using (We have provided some useful links on our Support Help Center website for this purpose). As the Administrator, you should also routinely check all web browser settings and clean the cache to make 100% sure nothing has been or is being saved.