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Creating a Currency Total Widget over a Date Range

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To create a Currency Total Widget lets begin by doing a Search on Items.

  • Choose a date range. For a 2020 Total, we've chosen Created Date between Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020.
  • Choose Category equals Currency. Since this is what we're interested in searching on.
  • Next, choose Search in Custom Data, and change the Custom Data (Form) field to display the Currency Form (Sys Template).

  • Then click the checkbox Anything in form.

  • Now click the Save box and give your Saved Search a name. In this case, we've chosen Currency Total from 2020.

  • From your Nav Menu, click Dashboard. Then click the Add Widget box.

  • Then scroll down the list and click Statistics.

  • The Widget 1 box will then appear. Rename the Widget 1 box by clicking the icon that looks like a star, then give it a name of your choosing.
    We've chosen 2020 Currency Stats. Then click Ok.

  • Next, in the Widget box, click the blue circle with the plus symbol in it, and the Add Statistic page will appear.

  • Click the Saved Search field and choose from one of your saved searches, in this case, Currency Total from 2020.
  • Give your Statistic Widget a Title.
  • Then select a Field. We have chosen Currency Total from the Currency Form (Sys Template).

  • Click the Function field and choose SUM.

  • Click Format and choose $ - US Dollar or a currency of your choice.

  • Your Widget should now contain a Currency Total from Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020.