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v61 Release

Release Date Wednesday, May 9, 2019, at 10pm ET


This update only has bug fixes

App Updates

  • #5380 On Scan page, set default to items being selected if they are valid. Right now I have to click on the items I was to perform a transaction on. Why not just default to them being selected?

  • #5380 On new manual barcode entry page, I have to click on the field to enter a barcode. When I click on the manual entry button I should automatically be in the field and ready to enter a value.

  • #5382 On check in you now have the type ahead for storage locations like the Safe main system.

Bug Fixes

  • #5374 ⁃ Person belongs to case notes are now viewable.
    • Problem : Search > Persons - Find a person (any person) - Select that person (checkbox) and then go to Actions > Add to Case - On this screen you have options for Case, Person Type and Note. - I can enter a note but I don't see any way to view this note. Where is the note display?
    • Result: When in Case View > Persons tab you can now add a Case Notes field which is added under Menu Customization (button) options.

  • #5304 ⁃ Client reported issue with view persons that are inactive. It was a data issue that was resolved. No changes made to the UI.

  • #4200 ⁃ [Case View - Items tab] Unable to remove Item from the case

  • #4559 ⁃ [User Admin] StrangePerformance behaviorissue of Editin User popupAdmin edit resolved.

  • #4843 ⁃ Item history: addingAdding and changinga form datato the item that previously had none adds a history record, but added form is not shown on history details page. If then the form is edited, this also adds a new history record where the form is present.

  • #4970 ⁃ [System - Login Logs] Column translation fixed.

  • #5004 ⁃ [Search] ParamsParameters are not reset to default after leaving the page. Set back to being cleared by default.

  • #5018 ⁃ [User Admin] Fixed Photo save error while editing user

  • #5020 ⁃ [Search] Different results for People History after refresh

  • #5034 ⁃ [Media] EntireFixed description isfield inlinedisplay issue.

  • #5035 ⁃ [Persons] Search field and Export dropdown don't exist in History tab for Persons

  • #5036 ⁃ [Items] Description scrollbar is missing

  • #5069 ⁃ [Search] Page size for Case History search

  • #5117 ⁃ [Tags] Possible to add/edit Tags from the grid for Items, but not for Cases

  • #5130 ⁃ [History] Tags not marked red in History popup after Mass Update for the Case

  • #5177 ⁃ [Export] Error instead of proper warning message

  • #5303 ⁃ Custom Views - Items

  • #5308 ⁃ [Transfer] Warning message is missing translation

  • #5311 ⁃ Item history: adding and changing form data - Bugs from Sprint 60

  • #5318 ⁃ [People] Error while exporting results found using DoB param(Last Month/week/year)

  • #5319 ⁃ [Search] DoB search param validation

  • #5324 ⁃ [Cases] Case Officer field strange behavior

  • #5325 ⁃ [Items] Data in the grid after leaving fields empty on MassUpdate

  • #5326 ⁃ [People] Printing People on Report(s)

  • #5327 ⁃ [Export] Possible to download canceled export

  • #5340 ⁃ APAC: [Items] See All link after mass update for short description

  • #5342 ⁃ APAC: [Cases] "Print Case and People only" placeholder instead of value

  • #5343 ⁃ APAC: [Org Settings] Time Out Settings - buttons not reseting to default

  • #5344 ⁃ APAC:[Cases] Offense Date vs Recovery Date in Mass Updatepopup/sUpdate popup's

  • #5345 ⁃ APAC: [People History] Details button problem - again

  • #5346 ⁃ APAC: [Search] Autocomplete for Locations

  • #5347 ⁃ Possible Bug: Custom Data not showing up in Item Display

  • #5366 ⁃ PenTest: [People] Unable to Export all people from People tab

  • #5369 ⁃ ElasticsearchResolved Elastic Search issue with DOB

  • #5372 ⁃ [Items] Save Error while editing description

  • #5387 ⁃ Media Download Fail

  • #5361 ⁃ APAC: [Media] Unable to move media to Root folder

  • #5368 ⁃ PenTest: [Items] Fixed Recovered By field empty after undisposing ItemfromItem from Item View page