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v47 / v48 Release

Release Date Wednesday, November 21, 2018, at 4am ET
On-Prem clients can received by Dec 5, 2018.

Major Features

  • #3520 ⁃ Store Media Against Transactions
    When performing a transaction (check in, check out, move, disposition) you can now load media files to be stored against the transaction. The is especially useful if you have a picture of an ID or a PDF receipt to be attached.

  • #2355 ⁃ X Translations Per Org
    The translation file in Settings > Org > Translation can now be set for individual offices. For some of our clients with offices in the (i.e.) US, France and Japan, you can now have a separate translation files for each of these offices and users in these offices. Prior to this update the single translation file was applied to the entire Org.

  • #3365 ⁃ Person merge solution
    You can now merge multiple people at one time (vs one person at a time). Go to Search > Persons and do a search for the people you want to merge. Select all the persons you are merging into the other user and go to Actions > Merge Into. Now select the parent person and click ok.

  • #3602 ⁃ Transaction > Disposition update
    When doing a disposition, the ‘Disposed By’ option is no longer hard coded to the user logged in. You can choose from any user in your system. This will also show the user you selected in the chain of custody.

  • #2999 ⁃ Discrepancy Report
    Discrepancy reports now allow you to insert notes for line items that show up as a discrepancy. This is helpful for discrepancies that have been resolved and you want to indicate on the report.

  • #3521 ⁃ Task Media
    A task now has a Media tab which allows for attaching media to a task. Open the task, select the media tab and upload your media.

Minor Features

  • #00000 ⁃ Info