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v41 Release

Release Date Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at 4am ET
On-Prem clients can received by Aug 9, 2018.


  • #2531 ⁃ Elastic Search: (Replace Contains)
    Elastic Search is a major feature to the system that should not be noticed other than the system is much faster. We are now storing all Case, Person and Item data in a system which allows for a much faster read than the native system.

  • #2451 ⁃ Auto Dispo with many offices
    Settings > Organization > Auto Dispo now allows Organizations with more than one Office to change the Task Issued From based on Office.

  • #2684 ⁃ Auto Dispo Addition (Past Due Cases w/o a Task)
    Settings > Organization > Auto Dispo now has a new button that shows all Past Due Cases (case level review date) where there is no open tasks. This will be especially useful for keeping track of past due cases.

  • #2688 ⁃ Device Registration
    We will now send an email to notify each user that their login is used and the IP it is being used from. This will simply notify the user that their login was used from a unique machine. Most often this will simply be a notification but in case the login is unexpected, the user should contact Tracker support (phone number provided in the email).

Bug Fixes

  • #2791 ⁃ Quotation Marks on Labels not appearing correctly (example "Descr" field)

  • #2793 ⁃ Resend Welcome Email Issue This is coming up too often on the login screen. This should ONLY show if the user has NOT verified their email address.

  • #2805 ⁃ Case Level Permissions Apply case permissions to case with 17,000 items was slow (very slow). Fixed speed issue.

  • #2808 ⁃ Person Search Typeaheads We now allow a comma and first name when typing a user.

  • #2814 ⁃ Change Case History logging now shows when a item is moved from one case to another.

  • #2838 ⁃ Maintenance Mode update Maintenance Mode should only be shown when system is in maintenance mode. If a user does not have an internet connection it should not indicate maintenance but that there is a issue.

  • #2860 ⁃ Tags Bugs: attaching a tag UX Adding a tag in case edit is an awkward experience. I cannot tell if my cursor is in the correct place to initiate the typeahead search. This functions correctly for item edit - the entry box has a cursor.

  • #2877 ⁃ Tags Bugs: add restrictions for Tags column in grids Any type of user still can attach/detach/add on fly tags through the (see on grids - Tags column). Restrictions should be added there.

  • #2746 ⁃ Implement Report Writer (custom field search) like BS Grid Search Report Writer now uses an easier search option when using custom fields.

Hot Fixes

  • #2930 ⁃ Change Nav Menu Layout Move Default and standard fields to the Settings menu option

  • #2931 ⁃ Can't delete custom fields in APAC with the new Custom View I built. I can't delete a custom fieldsfield from the new Custom View in apac. The X is there but it does nothing. I do get a console error

  • #2955 ⁃ Report Builder Cases Footer is not printing in the correct order.

  • #2956 ⁃ Inactive in User Admin Fix those double quotes in ""Active"" in Secure.

  • #2957 ⁃ Client Error on Mass Update Fixed mass update issue.

  • #2961 ⁃ Error in CSV download Exported a list of Persons with 280k results.