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v65 & v66 Release (8/6/2019)

Release Date Tuesday, August 6, 2019, at 9pm ET


No major feature in this release.

Minor Features

  • #5606#4982Container/Checked LocationsOut Updatesfields -and ThisDisposal updatefields isare now Item Level options in the Report Builder.

  • #5445 ⁃ Discrepancy Reports now recognize containers. Just scan the container label and the report will recognize all the items in that container and prevent those items from being applieddiscrepancies.

  • in#5635 preparation forItems aImporter update coming to the Discrepancy Report system. This new minor updateUpdater now allows Tools > Storage locationsyou to beimport set/ asupdate items to a 'Container'. Ifnew Primary Case number.

  • #5689 ⁃ User Settings now allows users to choose a container24 labelhour is/ generatedMilitary ittime willoption.

  • automatically#5702 be setItem asExport a(CSV) container. now includes transaction fields like Checked Out Reason and Disposal fields.

App Updates (v1.64)

  • #5379 ⁃ App: Case Media (View, Enter) - The mobile app will now allow media entry and updates for cases.

Hot Fixes (Release since last publish)

  • No Hot Fixes

Dev Team Updates (more technical in nature)

  • #5658 ⁃ Move Reporter to .net core

Bug Fixes

  • #4979 ⁃ Currency Import - card from old sprint