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1. From the Nav Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the Tools icon (it looks like a wrench), then from the menu select Tags. You are now on the Tags screen. From here, you can add Tags to your system. Tags are labels you can attach to Case(s) or Item(s) for the purpose of identification. For example, you may wish to create a Tag called “Releasable Property” that will designate Items as such. This will aid the evidence custodian by eliminating any ‘gray area’. If and when a suspect/person attempts to claim property improperly or erroneously, the evidence custodian will immediately see if an item can/should be released.

2. Click the Add box and the Add Tag screen will appear. Give the Tag a Required Name and click Ok to add your Tag to the list of available Tags.

You may also click the Change Color box to change the color of the Tag. When you're done, click Ok.

3. To Edit a Tag, first highlight the Tag by clicking on its Name, next click the Actions box, and finally click Edit. You can now edit the name of the Tag.Tag.

4. To Deactivate a Tag, first highlight the Tag by clicking on its Name, next click the Action box, and finally, click Deactivate. The Tag’s power icon will then turn red, indicating that it has now been Deactivated.

5. Finally, if you click the Menu Customization box, you can view more than 25 Tags at a time by changing the Page Size and/or you can hide Columns by unchecking them.