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SAFE Mobile App Barcode Scanner Page

After logging into the SAFE Mobile App for the first time, you will be taken to the App's Default / Home page.
Since this is not my first time logging in, the SAFE Mobile App is showing me the last page I visited.

From there, if you click the 3 horizontal bars, you'll be taken to the Selections Screen.
You may then click Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner page is shown below.
This area allows you to Scan Item Barcodes with your phone's camera in preparation for performing System Transactions!

Click the Camera Icon to open your camera and Scan Barcodes.

You may also click the Barcode Input Icon to enter Barcodes manually.

The Printer Icon normally shown in green is shaded since it will not be used.

The Transactions Icon normally shown in orange is shaded since it will not be used.

If you choose to enter Barcodes manually, you will be taken to the Barcode Input screen where you can start to manually enter Barcodes.