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Settings \ Organization \ General \ IP Whitelisting

There is also the IP Whitelisting Tab. SAFE’s IP Whitelisting features allows the Org Admin for any Organization to lock down SAFE so that users in your Organization are only able to log in from approved IP addresses. By default, there is no blocking in place. To restrict access, apply at least one valid IP Address.

Warning: If you enable an IP whitelist, make sure you apply the IP address that you are using.
If you apply an address that is not yours, you will block yourself out (not to worry, contact SAFE support and theywe will fix it.

By default, the list is empty (meaning all IP addresses are allowed). Click ‘Add’ to enter your first IP Whitelist.

It is highly recommended that you first select ‘My IP’ so that you enter your own IP first. The Custom option will allow you to manually enter a IP address or range. Invalid IP’s or ranges will be marked invalid and will not allow you to save them.

Users not within a valid IP address or range will be blocked while logging in.

For more information regarding IP Whitelisting, please go to our Webinar: SAFE Sessions 3 - Security Options @