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The SAFE Task system allows users within the software to communicate with other system users. The key feature is that all communication takes place within the software, where it can be tracked to a Case or Item, instead of outside of the system where communication is not documented for further review.

To view a short video on Tasks, click here: Tasks Video

Typical Scenario:

1. User A needs information from User B.
2. User A initiates a system Task.
3. User A fills in the task screen with information such as who the task is for (User B) along with a subject line and description.
4. Upon submission User B will receive an email indicating that they have received a task from User A with a link back to the system.
5. User B will login to the system and supply the requested information about the task.
6. User A will receive a return email indicating that a response has been posted. User A can then respond to the task or close the task.

Tasks Menu Option

The menu bar (on the left) will have a link to the Tasks page along with a (#) that shows how many open tasks are assigned to you or in a group that you are a part of. Click on either of these options and you will be directed to the Tasks page.

Creating a Task

Click the ‘Add Task’ button to begin to generate a Task.

Title & Message - This is like a Subject and Message for an email message. Fill in a Title (Subject) and message for the user or group you are going to assign the Task.

Users and groups - Type the name of a User or User Group you want to receive the Task. As you begin to type a name the options for that name will come up below.

Note: Org Admins can set up these groups in Settings > User Groups. Tasks can be generated for a User or Group but must contain at least one User or Group.

Linked Objects - This is where you can associate a Task with a Case(s), Person(s) or Item(s).

This is a sample of what a Task may look like.

User Groups

Nav Menu » Settings \ User Admin and User Groups

User groups are for assigning tasks to groups of users. When a task is assigned to a group, all users in the group will get the task along with a notification email.

To add users to the group, go to Settings > User Admin. Select the users for the group and go to Actions > Add to Group.

Users that are a part of a group will be shown in the User grid under the heading User Groups.

You may also click Settings \ User Groups and add Users to a group from here.

After adding a Group or selecting a group which has already been added, click Edit. You may then Add Users to that User Group.

Adding a Case, Person or Item from Menu

While you can add a Case, PersonPerson, or Item to a Task from within the Task creation screen, theanother far better and easiereasy option is to add these from their respective search pages.

For an overview on how to Add Items to a Task from within a Case click here: Overview

Go to Search > Items. You may Search for any Items entered in the last 10 days, for example (assuming you have some items in this search) simply to obtain an Item List.

Now that there is a list of results, select any items from the list and go to Actions > Add to Task

There is a slider on the top to add these items to a new (default) or existing Task. Click the slider for Existing.

Click Create Task.

You are now redirected to the Task entry screen but all of your items are now in the list.
Note: You can complete the same results by searching for Cases or Persons and adding to a Task.

Viewing a Task

Clicking on the Task menu on the left side of the screen will take you into the Tasks display area.

This page will show a list of all Tasks that you have created or are assigned to you. The list, by default, is sorted by the Last Action date column so you always get the most up to date task on top. You can, of course, resort the list by clicking on any of the headers.

The Tasks view page also has an option at the top to quick search for Tasks by Task # or Subject. Toggle the Open / Closed value to see Tasks that are open or Closed.

Each task will have a Details button that will take you into more details on the Task.

From this page, you can see all of the Task details, who it is assigned to along with all Notes on the Task. If you created or are assigned the Task you will have the option to Edit, Close or Add a Note to the task.

SAFE also shows you which Cases, Items, and People via the Tabs the Task is attached to.

Task Email

All newly created or updated Tasks will generate an email to the recipient of the Task.

The email will contain the Task Number and a link back to the Task in the system.

Task email with more details

By default, very little information about the Task is passed in the email. If you are an Administrator, you can go to Settings > Organization, and enable the option for the email to include more details. If enabled, the user will not only get a Task ID and what was updated, but they will get the actual log of the transaction.

Edit a Task

Only an Org Admin, the creator, assignee of a task can edit the task. To Edit a task, go to the Details button for the Task and click the Edit option.

Closing or Opening a Task

Any Open task can be closed and vise versa. From the Task menu, you can open or close more than one task at a time.

In this scenario, the ‘Closed’ tasks screen is shown. You may select Tasks, then go to Actions > Open tasks to open all the selected Tasks.

Task Security

Org Admins can control who can View, Create, Update/Edit, and Delete/Close or Open Tasks in the system.
Go to Settings > Permissions Groups. Click Permissions for the desired group and make selections.

Task Search

The Search menu contains a Tasks option which allows you to search across all Tasks in the system. From your Navigation Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you can click Search \ Tasks.

From here you search against any Task in your organization.

View a Task from with a Case, Person or Item View

The Case, Person and Item details screen will now have a new tab for ‘Tasks’.

This Tab will show all Tasks that are or have been, assigned to the object you are viewing. Like the Tasks menu, you can go to details of the Task and work on it from there.

Mass Updating Tasks

Perhaps you'd like to reassign some Tasks to a different User? This is no problem using Mass Update for Tasks.

Simply click the Tasks field in the Navigation Menu and select some Tasks by clicking the checkbox to the left of Details.

Next, click the Actions box and then click Mass Update Tasks.

The Mass Update Tasks popup will then appear.

You may now choose to Mass Update Titles, Messages, Users or User Groups.

To reassign Tasks to a different User, move the Users slider from Off to On, enter a User, click Overwrite Users and click Ok. Those Tasks will then be reassigned.

Your changes will now be shown.

For more information regarding Tasks, please listen to our Webinar:
SAFE Sessions 2 - Tasks @