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The SAFE Task system allows users within the software to communicate with other system users. The key feature is that all communication takes place within the software, where it can be tracked to a Case or Item, instead of outside of the system where communication is not documented for further review.

Typical Scenario:

1. User A needs information from User B.
2. User A initiates a system Task.
3. User A fills in the task screen with information such as who the task is for (User B) along with a subject line and description.
4. Upon submission User B will receive an email indicating that they have received a task from User A with a link back to the system.
5. User B will login to the system and supply the requested information about the task.
6. User A will receive a return email indicating that a response has been posted. User A can then respond to the task or close the task.

Tasks Menu Option

The menu bar (on the left) will have a link to the Tasks page along with a (#) that shows how many open tasks are assigned to you or in a group that you are a part of. Click on either of these options and you will be directed to the Tasks page.

Creating a Task

Click the ‘Add Task’ button to begin to generate a Task.

Title & Message - This is sort of like a Subject and Message for an email message. Fill in a Title (Subject) and message for the user or group you are going to assign the Task.

Users - Begin to type the name or email of a user you want to get the Task.

As you begin to type a name the options for that name will come up below.

User Groups - If you want to assign a Task to a group of users you will type in the name of the group here.

Note: If you are an Org Admin you can set up these groups in Settings > User Groups.

Note 2: Tasks can be generated for a user or group but must contain at least one user or group.

Linked Objects - This is where you can associate a Task with a Case(s), Person(s) or Item(s).