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API Add Existing Person to Case


API completing the Post aboveURL

TheWhere returnedX object= willCaseID

Before includeyou thecan add any person to an existing case, you are going to need several pieces of information.

  1. ID of thePerson newlyyou addedwant attach. See Find Existing Person or Create New Person
  2. ID of Case you want to attach to. See Find Existing Case
  3. Type of Person
    1. For a list of Person Types (1 = Suspect, 2 = Victim, Many more shown in API call)


secondExample callJSON to the API will add this person to a case.

Note that the case ID is sent in the Url, person Id and person type Id are sent in the body.Post

{"personId":96, This is a POST action: http://localhost:55571/api/people/addpersontocase/64

And the body: {"personId":96,

The person Type Id can be retrieved here: http://localhost:55571/api/persontypes, which will return something like the following: