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This integration allows for evidence stored in application to be viewed in SAFE.

To begin using the integration first log in to SAFE with an Org Admin account and go to Settings -> Organization.
At the bottom of the page are settings for turning on and setting up the integration. Integration Settings

There are 3 fields whose values must be populated:
Agency Id - also known as your Partner ID, this is the unique id of your agency
Client Id - this is the unique id of the API client
Secret - this is the password used to authenticate to

These values can be obtained from by creating an API Access Client.

Alternate Workflow (no case use) - this is optional and will obtain data directly from the evidence API. Note - this is not the typical use of the integration. Most users should keep this setting turned off.

Once the integration is set up, you can proceed to a case in SAFE. From the case Basic Info view you will now see a new tab for

Click on the tab and the page will load with evidence related to the case you are viewing. Tab