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Custom Form Data Searching

The following will outline the process of searching custom form data within the system.
Before beginning the process of searching in custom form data, you should use the following searches to acquire information about the form you would like to search.

Search For Custom Forms - All

This first endpoint will return an array of all active forms in the organization. (True is the boolean value for active in this url).
The response will return some pertinent information about the form including the schema, id, and model type id.
Custom Form

Note the form id and the modelTypeId. The id will be used later in searching, and the model type is important so that the search is run against the correct entity - case, item, or person.

In order to see the model types, use this endpoint:

This returns an array of model types used throughout the system.

Model Types

Search For Custom Forms - By Model Type (Form Type)

Forms can also be searched by form type.
The form type is the id to the corresponding model type.
4 = cases
5 = items
11 = people
0 = all
This will return an array of all case custom forms.

Search For Custom Forms - By Id

Forms can also be searched by their.
Here is the response for a form we will use for our first search:
Custom Form With Text Field

The most important information here is in schema => fields.
For this example we will be concerned with the type (text), and the name (field5617).

Searching Within A Custom Form - Text Field

From the above example, we will be doing a people search within the Person Form Test custom form.
Here is the endpoint we will be using:
The search parameters we will be supplying will be in the body of the post.
ImageCustom titleForm Text Search