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v43 Release

Release Date Wednesday, September 5, 2018, at 4am ET
On-Prem clients can received by Oct 5, 2018.


  • #3105 ⁃ Disable Fields
    Yes!, you can now control almost every default field that shows on the Case, Person or Item entry screens. Go to Settings > Org > Field Settings to control which fields you want enable (or disabled).

  • #2959 ⁃ Export Selected
    Exporting to CSV (Export Selected option in most Grid menus) will now only export all the fields that you are showing in the display. With the previous release of Grid customization, you can now control all the fields you see so we are only going to export those fields you have selected to be shown.

Bug Fixes

  • #2962 ⁃ Edit button is not able to click in Item view page for Administrator User. Fixed permission issues for edit buttons in the system.

  • #3377 ⁃ Unable to add a People to Case When doing a search, you could not select a user and go to Actions > Add to Case.

  • #3378 ⁃ Case View Issue Unable to display Case view through the Find a case search field in Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers

  • #3129 ⁃ Custom Data on Scan Page We now allow the use of custom fields on the Scan page.

  • #3370 ⁃ Unable to display warning text as "Case has Already Existed"

  • #2949 ⁃ Task Error in Console

  • #3108 ⁃ SysAdmin User is unable to add a tag for Tag column in BS Grid

  • #2814 ⁃ Change Case

  • #3060 ⁃ Unable to open an item for Administrator user in IE browser

  • #3051 ⁃ Limit Text searches to 3 chars minimum

  • #2901 ⁃ Create Primary Case sort field

  • #3097 ⁃ Person and User Typeahead Update


  • #3167 ⁃ ES bug: custom form update

  • #3119 ⁃ Split / Duplicate Issue Speed issue resolve on item duplicate.

  • #3034 ⁃ Password Reset issue Fix to Sequence contains no elements.

  • #3102 ⁃ Importer & lower case Importer will now ignore upper and lower case.

  • #2991 ⁃ ESUndispose bug:not undispose items doesn't workworking

  • #3067 ⁃ Recent Cases Bug

  • #3045 ⁃ Label Issue Resolved