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Viewing and Editing an Item

Click any one item and choose View Item from the Actions menu to view the item you’ve chosen. From here, you may Edit the item by clicking the Edit box. By clicking the right and left arrows (to the right of the Item #), you may navigate to the previous or next Item. To return to your Case, simply click the book icon (to the right of the arrows).

Clicking the Edit box will allow you to edit ONLY certain fields relating to the Item, depending on your permission level. For example, you may be allowed to edit Org #, Item #, Recovered At, Recovery Date, Recovered By, Category, Custody Reason, Serial Number, Model, Make, Description, Item Belongs to, and Tags.

You may also click the Actions box and choose a selection (we will go into further detail on these selections in an upcoming section). You can also Print a Label, or run a report on the Item by clicking the Reports box and making a selection.