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Version 67.1.003 (10/15/2019)

Release Date Wednesday, October 15, 2019, at 10pm ET


  • #7750 - Auto increment case number feature.

Minor Features

  • #7798 - Scan location barcode for moves and Check Ins.

Mobile App Updates

Hot Fixes (Release since last publish)

No Hot Fix releases to report

Development Team Updates (more technical in nature)

  • #5684 - Refresh Data on development site
  • #4687 - Add a C# style cop
  • #5720 - SAFE installs for private cloud/ on premise clients

Bug Fixes

  • #7804 - fix for case updater bug - resolves issue with review date and review date notes
  • A fix for the review date tasks scheduled jobs, this will cease the issue of duplicate tasks being created