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Creating a Case
Creating a Person
Topaz Signature Pad
Creating an Item
SAFE Sessions
Cloning a Form, Label, or Report
Hardware Manuals
Logging In
Authenticating / Forgot Password? / Password RESET
Creating a shortcut on your desktop
Dashboard and Navigation (Nav) Menu
Searching for a Case(s)
Cases found from a Search
Search \ Case \ Basic Info Tab
Search \ Case \ Persons Tab
Search \ Case \ Items Tab
Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Actions Box
Viewing and Editing an Item
Checking an Item In
Checking an Item Out
Moving an Item
Moving an Item from one Office or Org to another
Transferring Items
Item Disposition
Undispose an Item
Duplicating Items
Splitting Items
Mass Update on Multiple Items
Adding an Item to another Case (1 Item belonging to multiple Cases)
Removing an Item From a Case
Changing an Item's Primary Case
Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Reports Box
Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Reports Box \ Persons
Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Export Box
Search \ Case \ Items Tab \ Menu Customization Box
Search \ Case \ Media Tab
Search \ Case \ Notes Tab
Search \ Case \ History Tab
Viewing Recent Cases
Searching for Items
Items Found from a Search - All Items
Items Found from a Search - Individual Items
Editing an Item and Manage Cases
Running a Report and Printing an Item Label
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Cases Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Media Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Notes Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Tasks Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Chain of Custody Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ Scan History Tab
Search \ Item View \ Item \ History Tab
Searching for People
People found from a Search
Searching for Disposals
Searching for Check-Ins
Searching for Check Outs
Searching for Moves
Searching for Transfers
Searching for and Mass Updating Notes
Searching for Media
Searching for Tasks
Searching for Exported Searches
Using Quick Search to Find a Case
Dashboard Icon and Creating Widgets
Deleting Saved Searches
Scan Icon
User Settings and Multi-Factor Authentication
Collapsing the Nav Menu
Logging Out of the software (Shared Archive For Evidence)
Creating a Currency Total Widget over a Date Range
Introduction for Administrators
Before logging in for the first time
Admin - Logging into the software (Shared Archive For Evidence)
User Lockout
Settings \ Organization
Settings \ Organization \ Auto Disposition
Settings \ Offices
Tools \ Storage Locations \ Sorting Imported Storage Locations
Tools \ Storage Locations \ Adding, Editing, Creating & Printing Labels for Storage Locations
Settings \ Organization \ Required Case, Item, and Person Form Tabs
Settings \ Organization \ Item, Media, and Notes Categories, Custody, and Checkout Reasons, Disposal Methods, Case Offense, and Person Types
Settings \ Organization \ Announcements
Settings \ Organization \ Translation
Settings \ Organization \ Field Settings
Settings \ Organization \ On-Premise File Servers
Settings \ Organization \ IP Whitelisting
Tools \ Custom Data (Forms)
Settings \ Permission Groups
Settings \ Permission Groups \ Office Based Permissions
Settings \ Security \ Location Based Permissions
Settings \ User Admin
Settings \ User Groups
Tools \ Data Import
Settings \ Sessions
Settings \ License Allocations
Tools \ Tags
Tools \ Report Builder \ Creating Reports
Tools \ Report Builder \ Creating Labels
Discrepancy Reports
Creating a Manual Inventory Report from an Item Search
Logging Out of the software (Shared Archive For Evidence)
User and/or Org Account Disabled
Case(s) Reassignment when an Employee leaves
Employee Name Change (Marriage)
Mass Update Custom Data
Settings \ Organization \ Allowed Media File Extensions
Exporting information to a .csv file after doing a Search
Previous System Updates
Show Logged in Users within an Organization when no Licenses are available
Tools \ Random Audits
Downloading and Logging into the SAFE Mobile App
SAFE Mobile App Default / Barcode Scanner Page
Scanning Barcodes
Performing Transactions
Location Scanning
Other Functions of the SAFE Mobile App
Finding a Case
Version 72/73 (February 20, 2020)
Settings \ Organization \ Verification Settings
Settings \ Organization \ Expected Return Date Notifications
Version 74/75 (March 11, 2020)
Version 76/77 (March 24, 2020)
Mobile App Version 75 (March 31, 2020)
Mobile App System Updates
Mobile App Version 76 & 77
Tools \ Storage Location Move
Version 78/79 (May 6, 2020)
Version 80 (May14, 2020)
Mobile App Version 79
Version 81/82 (July 14, 2020)
Mobile App Version 82
Version 83/84 (August 17, 2020)
Mobile App Version 83
Version 85/86 (August 31, 2020)
Version 87, Released on September 28, 2020
Version 88, Released on October 22, 2020
Version 89, Released on 11/9/2020
Version 90, Released on 11/30/2020
Mobile App Version 90
Mass Update User Settings
Version 91, Released on 12/18/2020
Mobile App Version 91
Version 91, Released on 2/10/2021
Version 92, To be Released on 2/17/2021
Version 91 - Hot Fix, Released on 2/12/21
Version 92 Released on 3/5/2021
Version 92 - Hot Fix, Released on 3/11/21
Version 93 To be Released on 3/22/2021
Version 92 - Hot Fix, Released on 3/19/21
Version 93, Released on 4/16/2021
Version 93 Hotfix, Released on 4/20/21
Version 93.004 Hotfix, Released on 5/26/2021
Zebra Printers Unable to Print After Installing Windows Update
Version 95 & 97, Released on 8/2/21