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SAFE Documentation Wiki
Release v30
API Overview
Media Storage Folders
Release v31
Changing a Person Type for a Case
Edit OrgID or ItemID Numbers
Frequently Asked Questions
Importing Data
Merge two Persons
Release v32
Updating Data (Singular v/s Mass Update)
API Example SeqUpdateOrgIDX
API Example Cases
API Example People
API Example Chain of Custody
Tracker Software 'Safe' System Security Whitepaper
API Example Create Case
Google Authenticator
API Example Create Person
API Add Existing Person to Case
API Find Existing Person
API Update Existing Person
SAFE On Premise Installation Specs Published
Background Check Process
Case Level Permissions
Safe Certification Levels
Release 32.004 'Client Request List'
Cut off overflow text in Report Writer
Widget value is incorrect but resulting value is correct
v33 Release
API Post Item
v33 Hot Fixes
Scan Page > Scan by Location
v35 Release
v36 Release
API Example User Admin
v37 Release
v38 Release
v39 Release
Update Installer
CSV list of all Persons in Org
Edit a Case
v40 Release
v41 Release
v42 Release
v43 Release
v44 / v45 Release
RMS Integrations
v46 Release
v47 / v48 Release
Fix to Sig Web Certificate Issue
Safe App
v49 through v56 Releases
CALEA Data Storage Guidelines
'Forbidden' Error Message
v57 Release
GDPR Statement
v61 Release
Safe Upgrade
v62 Release
v60 Release
v58 Release
v63 Release
v64 Release
Not Getting SAFE Emails (Email Block)?
v65 & v66 Release (8/6/2019)
Data Import Services
Data Import / Export and Time Conversion Issues
RFID v/s Barcoding (or both)
Technical Overview of Login Email Warning
v8.91.005 Hot Fix (Patch)